Agriculture and Ranching Water Rights Solutions

It’s said that water is the lifeblood of Nevada’s agriculture and ranching industry.

As a farmer, you’re often facing an uphill battle. Facque Consulting understands the unique needs of Nevada’s Ag and Ranching industry. When it comes to water rights, it’s not often clear where you should begin. With permitting? Title research? Reaching out to utility providers? Facque Consulting understands what you need to move forward and will help get you there quicker and with less hassle, regardless of the size of your project.

We’ll help you smoothly navigate the following headwinds with Nevada ag water rights

  • Limited water resources: Water is precious in the West. Document your pre-statutory Vested Claims to water.

  • Sustainability: It’s crucial to maximize water use and efficiency for sustainable applications of water in this more regulated climate.

  • Regulatory complexity: Navigating the complex water rights permitting and compliance process can be time-consuming.

  • Protecting existing rights: Ensuring your water rights remain in good standing and avoiding cancellation due to non-compliance is critical.

  • Adapting to changing demands: The agricultural landscape is constantly evolving, requiring flexible and adaptable water management strategies.

Your Trusted Partner in Nevada Ranch Water Rights

Facque Consulting has more than 20 years of experience working in the Nevada water sector, providing comprehensive water rights solutions to agricultural and ranching clients. The team blends technical expertise with the ability to build strong relationships with clients to ensure their futures remain bright.

Recent Ag and Ranching Water Rights Projects

  • Peri and Sons Farms

    Peri and Sons Farms

    One of the largest farmers in Mason Valley, Nevada, Peri and Sons Farms owns and utilizes dozens of water right permits over as many as 40 ranch units. The Facque team has provided consulting and water right management and regulatory compliance to support the project for more than 10 years.

  • Julian Tomera Ranches

    Julian Tomera Ranches

    This project includes management and development of dozens of water right Proofs and Claims to water, stock watering in several allotments, and agriculture efforts to support feed for livestock. This project included support to legal representatives through various civil and administrative proceedings. Ranch and farmland are situated in the Humboldt Regional Basin and require attention to conjunctive use regulations and requirements.

  • Granite Peak Properties

    Granite Peak Properties

    Water right consultation activities for this project included water right development to permit irrigated areas in both Nevada and Utah, development of vested proofs for both irrigation and stockwatering, and developing water rights for future use.

Partner with Us for Ag and Ranching Water Services

At Facque Consulting, we are committed to helping you navigate the complexities of water rights management, ensuring the long-term sustainability of your agricultural or ranching operation.

We understand the unique challenges faced by agricultural and ranching clients: