Environmental Conservation Water Rights Solutions

Westerners in general – and Nevadans in specific – understand how critical water is for communities and businesses alike.

As a Nevadan, you want to know how you can best use water without negatively impacting the state’s future. Facque Consulting has decades of experience navigating the complexities of Nevada’s most precious resource, especially in today’s regulatory climate. Our team is dedicated to providing water rights solutions to support organizations and initiatives focused on environmental conservation.

Think of our team as your team, working together for a brighter, cleaner future.

Working Toward a Sustainable Future

Facque Consulting helps with the following challenges related to water rights:

  • Protecting Ecosystems: Ensuring adequate water flows are maintained for the health of wildlife populations and aquatic habitats.

  • Habitat Restoration: Securing water rights to support restoration projects for degraded ecosystems.

  • Sustainable Water Management: Developing strategies for responsible water use that minimizes environmental impact.

  • Balancing Water Needs: Finding solutions that address the needs of both environmental conservation and growing human communities.

The Facque Consulting team offers a range of services to assist environmental organizations and projects.

  • Water Rights Acquisition & Transfer: Facilitating the purchase or transfer of water rights for environmental purposes.

  • Permitting for Environmental Projects: Guiding environmental projects through the water rights permitting process.

  • Water Right Management for Conservation: Developing strategies for managing existing water rights to optimize ecological benefits.

  • Change of Use Applications: Helping secure approval for using water rights in ways that benefit the environment.

  • Negotiation & Dispute Resolution: Representing environmental interests in negotiations and resolving water rights disputes.

  • Water Resource Evaluation & Planning: Evaluating water resources and collaborating with stakeholders to develop sustainable water management plans.

Partner for a Sustainable Nevada

Facque Consulting is committed to supporting a sustainable future for Nevada. We offer our expertise to help environmental organizations secure the water resources they need to protect ecosystems and ensure the long-term health of our environment.

Recent Environmental Water Rights Projects

  • Clark County Desert Conservation Program

    Clark County Desert Conservation Program

    Clark County Department Air Quality manages the Desert Conservation Program. For more than 10 years, the team has provided water right strategies to develop water rights in Southern Nevada to support wildlife habitat and conservation efforts.

  • Atlantic Richfield Company

    Atlantic Richfield Company

    The team provided expertise on several projects in Nevada managed by Atlantic Richfield and other consultants. These include Sunset Hills Settlement Group in Yerington, Nevada, and the Leviathan Mine Site in Nevada and California. Water right consultation activities include permitting, due date management, strategic planning to develop beneficial use of water, and support to legal representatives for proceedings in Federal Court.

  • Walker Basin Conservancy

    Walker Basin Conservancy

    Facque Consulting has provided water right consultation services, including due diligence research, water right title analysis, and water right development for more than 12 years. This project requires support to Conservancy team members to navigate many parties of interest in the Mason and Smith Valley Hydrographic Basins and includes the Walker Paiute Tribe.

Partner with Us for a Sustainable Environmental Future

At Facque Consulting, we are committed to helping you navigate the complexities of water rights management, ensuring the long-term water sustainability.