Water Utilities and Development in Nevada

As a builder of communities, you stand at the vanguard of creating livelihoods that will impact families for generations to come.

You also understand that water is the foundation of every thriving community in Nevada. Without it, there would be no community.

For more than two decades, developers and utilities like yours have benefitted from Facque Consulting’s comprehensive water rights solutions. Facque has deep and broad experience in water rights, meaning we’re here to anticipate challenges before they even arise.

The Facque team will help you navigate the complexities of water management for your next project. With care, expertise and know-how.

Experience with Both Sides of Development

Facque Consulting’s experience extends to projects with both public and private entities involved in development.

  • Municipalities and Public Utilities: The team has assisted cities, counties and public water authorities such as the City of Reno and Lyon County in managing their water rights portfolios to support sustainable growth and providing support to interaction with the Nevada Public Utilities Commission.

  • Developers and Master Developers: We understand the challenges faced by developers, from ensuring sufficient water rights for new subdivisions and industrial parks to working with water purveyors.

  • Homeowners and Communities: Facque Consulting recognizes the importance of accessible water rights for homeowners and communities within development projects.

We understand the transformative power of water. It’s not just a resource; it’s the primary resource needed for development, encouraging vibrant communities and propelling economic growth.

Facque Consulting offers a comprehensive range of services to meet your specific water rights needs

  • Water Rights Planning & Acquisition: We help plan for future water needs and secure the necessary water rights for projects.

  • Change of Use Applications: If your project requires a change in water use, we can guide you through the application process.

  • Regulatory Compliance: Facque Consulting stays up-to-date on all water regulations and helps ensure your project adheres to all applicable requirements.

  • Water Right Permitting: We assist developers and utilities in obtaining the necessary permits for water use and development.

  • Water System Management: We can work with both small and large utilities to optimize their water management strategies for efficiency and sustainability.

Success Stories

Municipal Water Development

Facque Consulting has provided water right consultation services to many public entities and purveyors of water. This includes the City of Reno, State of Nevada – Marlette Water System, Storey County, Truckee Meadows Water Authority, Tahoe Reno Industrial General Improvement District, Lyon County (Dayton Utilities), Silver Springs Mutual Water Company, Lovelock Meadows Water District, and Great Basin Water Company. Consulting activities include water resource planning, regulatory compliance, interface with private developers, and due diligence and water right title analysis.

Planning efforts are central to many water purveyors. We have been involved in the planning cycle of many utilities and have supported planning efforts to include water right management and regulatory compliance measures into these engineering plans.

The team also has extensive experience working with private development to acquire water rights and dedicate to public utilities for water service. These projects require due diligence research, acquisition support and water right management through mapping and development activities.

Commercial and Industrial

Tahoe Reno Industrial General Improvement District: This GID, located in the Tracey Segment Hydrographic Basin south of the Truckee Meadows, is a large-scale industrial park. Work under this project included services for both the master developer and GID to support water right acquisition and permitting, strategy to promote beneficial use and regulatory requirement, and planning efforts for water right and water resource development.

Building Trust and Finding Water Solutions

Successful development projects require trust and collaboration. We work closely with all parties involved to find solutions that meet everyone’s needs while ensuring responsible water management practices.

Partner with Facque Consulting

Facque Consulting is your trusted partner for navigating the complexities of water rights management in Nevada’s water utilities and development industry. With our experience and expertise, we can help you secure the water resources you need for your development.